cantharˈidal, cantharidˈian or cantharidˈic adjective
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  • cantharidic acid — An acid, derived from cantharis, that forms salts (cantharidates) with alkalis. * * * can·tha·rid·ic ac·id (kan″thə ridґik) a dibasic acid formed when cantharidin dissolves in water …   Medical dictionary

  • cantharidate — A salt of cantharidic acid. * * * can·thar·i·date ə .dāt vt, dat·ed; dat·ing to treat or impregnate with cantharides * * * can·thar·i·date (kan tharґĭ dāt) any salt of cantharidic acid …   Medical dictionary

  • cantharidin — The active principle of cantharis; the anhydride of cantharic acid. SYN: cantharis camphor. * * * can·thar·i·din kan thar əd ən n a bitter crystalline compound C10H12O4 that is the active blister producing ingredient of cantharides * * * n. the… …   Medical dictionary

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